Blake Wedding

Lettering project for a beautiful autumn wedding, decorated by Paper Heart Studios.


Hilburn & Miller Weddings


Thanks to Paper Heart Studios for giving me the opportunity to showcase my calligraphy for the Hilburn wedding.  Visit Paper Heart Studios by clicking on the link below to see more incredible Event Styling!


apercu is the french term for a glimpse, a fleeting impression, or an insight.  It seemed a perfect expression for my obsession with beautiful writing.  As a calligrapher I have fully embraced that perfection is unreachable, athough I’ve found the chase a delight.  I created this site as a means to share my gift in the form of signage, wedding and event calligraphy, as well as specialty projects.  I hope my work will compliment the already beautiful personalities, visions, and environments of my clients and viewers.  Enjoy!


Thanks to Andrea Warden, my photographer and friend, for these gorgeous photos. See more of her work at