A tattoo for Cait

A tattoo for Cait

I loved the wording Cait chose for this tattoo, as well as the placement. One day I will take the plunge and have my own done… until then, I can live vicariously through my clients! A beautiful photo as well, courtesy of Cait Jensen. Check out her photography at http://www.photographyjensen.com.


A tattoo for Amy

A tattoo for Amy

It was an honor designing this simple and delicate tattoo for Amy, a surprise birthday gift from her husband Tony. Amy and Tony are incredible photographers, see their work at hofferphotography.com.

Laurie & Shaliko

This set of gorgeous antique window panes, courtesy of Paper Heart Studios, proved to be a stunning template for Laurie and Shaliko’s wedding escort board. I savored every minute of the work that went into this piece, and especially the opportunity to collaborate with Lauren of Paper Heart Studios.

Cape May Suite

A gorgeous summer suite for Amanda Borne’s post-wedding soiree on the Cape. I adore these invitations, printed by Two Paper Dolls based in Wayne, PA.

styer’s garden cafe at terrain

As Styer’s Garden Cafe at terrain prepares for an exclusive five course chef’s tasting on Valentine’s Day, this handwritten menu sits inside the entrance, offering a sneak preview of the menu. A few of the seasonal American features include duck fat poached salmon and quail egg salad, and nearly all ingredients are local and farm-fresh to boot. The board is white pencil on black porcelain-coated steel.